To Split and Join

By | 1 November 2018

To praise impressions wherever bodies lie down, whoever
To be with skin
To not be but be here

To not be a cut-out on a back lot
To keep shoes fit and batteries keen
To be as real and dirty as cash metal

To lick up grass, gravel, scatter into the wonder of concrete
To not be afraid at the barricades
To not be fooled by the light show

To be with water dripping like an underground song
To not be smudged as a ticket
To wander into the day’s fresh décolletage

Here’s time, beyond counting
time that runs with the sea
shivers over every animal
shell, plankton frond

To be held in tongues of sunlight
To not hate speech
To let all parts of speech nurture species

To smudge away quotidian calculus with caress
To overlap each morning’s skin
To fool with grassy kisses

To be as indecorous as poems
To be part of time like kelp and grit
To move in and out of shells like the moon

To lie down when the ample dancing stops
To work hard, and then flee into
To split apart, to join together like grass

Here are lines for crossing
for overlapping feet
the dance each day does
with hairy liberty

To love lust and sloth as ways of making things
along with boredom, disgust, friendship, play

To lie down in flowers and remember how they came here
a dance of cells singing like dust, work, bark, love and skin

To be as real as all this, to us, in our hands

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