Poem With a High Wind Blowing Over It From the East

By | 15 September 2022

It blows leaves around
like letters –
forms shapes to-

in highs and lows
I can’t read
I’m distracted
scatter and branch

by voices a cloud
that’s now dis-

We need clouds –

I watch kids bowl
at the nets
serious / accurate
‘line and length’ –

A small dog sniffs me –
feet to knees –
I think I pass

At the corner I dodge
a yellow tripod –
‘it’s a boundary
survey’ says the guy
levelling a theodolite

‘Aim the crosshair
in the viewing scope
at the point
to be measured’

Boundaries linger
even if fences fall –
I’ll be trespassing soon
with or without strong measure

The east wind is hot
and doesn’t care
kisses me as it passes
and yes I let it

– again and again

I will not be forgiven, I will not repent

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