By | 15 May 2023

Summer’s path is drenching me
with water from a sprinkler like a child
(I remember her with no fixed ideas
as yet despite the yes/no of rooms
as summer turned one year into another year
leaving behind severest shadow)
Above me, clouds welcome blue noise
then scatter across roads beaches reefs
the nearby gulf

My own sap wants to touch this terrain
to dig and delve in fallow clod fissure
to be this dell defile wadi vale cave
cwm gulch chamber rift cup gully
pucker abyss
I’m dribbling sand from the cunt of the world
into the light of the smiling sky
fingers of the rain

Let me be breached by moving dust
oxygen blowing on the hearts of trees
the salad and swamp of this small location

Let me live like a cloud everywhere instead of
sprouting breasts like shame on this rock
of a body whose openings hide too many
words that must be spoken
into the gaps or rescued from my mouth
even my history as it tries to close on time

I’m ready as morning’s mortal pulse
ardent and walking along summer’s path
I’m breath I’m air plant and ocean
vapour nitrogen carbon dioxide
xylem bark and pith stigma style ovary
cockle clam whelk ears of seaweed
I’m not unfaithful to the world

If there was an original language for this
it might sound like air as it moves across
the tongue teeth the lips
into all the beautiful voids

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