Another bardo

By | 1 November 2018

Whenever one says “this or that”, the depth-mind perceives “this and that”.— Reuven Tsur

lean into the lonely:
stack the dirty dishes
& then wash them
the warm soap
hands in a polynomial
like a horned god
at the end of da(y)
the porcelain plate
on the opened edge
as if you’re here
& hearing
what a lover said
to you once in a balcony
deluge of devil’s ivy
still original with rain
the old cobwebs
festooning the light
a cra(z)ed sky
hunting for stars
say it gets better
or there, there
& knot
the slip of it—
your cock in my mouth
& pierced tongue
wordless, wanting
only what you wanted
& no more
it’s just, it’s just, it’s
le mot juste
whatevs / whatever
(solve, solvent, solute, …)
Nebuchadnezzar II
in the ruins of Babylon
Queen Amytis of Media
homesick in her garden
or was it Nineveh or
jonah & the whale?
lune, you can eat me
but you can’t save me—
in the bible, μετανοέω
doesn’t mean repent
it means transform
read me si(x) ways & then
maybe we will

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