By | 1 November 2018

okay so I was excited about getting an Action Man
but really what was there to do with him apart from
stroke the stubbled fur that passed for hair and try
to twist his rubber fingers into the trigger of a gun

he looked neat holding a gun though the gun didn’t fire anything
my brother had the outfit for the deep sea diver version
made of cotton not very practical mine had boots
which didn’t come in left and right he had no genitals

no six pack he had a scar though under his eye
I like to think his pet cat scratched him (there was no cat)
or an awkward clash of heads while he and his lover had sex
(there was no lover) poor sod I wonder if he dreamed of being

an actor a novelist doing something with his hands
I think if I’d had a sister I would have raided her toys’ stuff
to give him something other than guns and green trousers
a summer dress a stethoscope a shy ménage à trois

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