A D Harper

A D Harper's poetry has appeared in Rattle, Liminality and The Stinging Fly, among others. He lives in England and can be found on Twitter as @harpertext.

Broken (interaction)

It happened in the sand dunes, so I’m told. I don’t remember. But it’s said I came back claiming I’d converted to a broken- nosed God I didn’t know the name of, from a museum long ago. I don’t know …

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The Line

My aunt and uncle are coming so in their honour I pile the books against the walls, and hoover, and stack the stairs with what was on the floor — the angel oracle cards with their almost-outsider art which I …

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okay so I was excited about getting an Action Man but really what was there to do with him apart from stroke the stubbled fur that passed for hair and try to twist his rubber fingers into the trigger of …

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Nobody ever goes back to where it started, kissing cramped against trees behind garages and shops, on the corner of concrete and nature, trapped on the border of desire and the ecstatic, those fires preserved in scattered coded notes in …

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Exploding Head Manifesto

0. a television soap opera and someone getting mugged you know the tropes already: a guy in leather and a bandana and a too clean t-shirt and a bit too pretty and a knife on the screen of your tv …

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Thy will be done

there will be videos of two of them together someone will get off on watching or the sound of synthiplastic rubbing or the sheen the hum the hands the feet we will send them round the world student travellers will …

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