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Alex Kostas Reviews Peter Goldsworthy, Jill Jones and Heather Taylor Johnson

Garron Publishing was started in 2010 by Gary MacRae and Sharon Kernott as a means of self-publishing work, but has since expanded into a successful run of poetry chapbooks by established and emerging South Australian poets.

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like we’re scared

you get off work fast and walk fast from the shopping centre to your car and drive fast down the new highway and the etag on your windshield beeps fast as you speed under the fluoro lights that flicker fast …

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Alex Kostas Reviews Dina Amantides, Anna Couani, Zeny Giles, George Vassilacopoulos, Erma Vassiliou and Dimitris Troaditis

Owl Publishing is an independent press founded in June 1992 by Helen Nickas, a former lecturer in Greek Studies at La Trobe University. Owl’s overarching purpose is to publish a selection of literary works by Greek-Australians in pursuit of more diverse Australian literature, and it is run as a not-for-profit undertaking.

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Alex Kostas Reviews Dan Disney

Is the contemporary world really as confused and as doomed as it seems? In his latest book of poetry, either, Orpheus, Dan Disney tends towards the affirmative with his ‘elegiac anthroposcenes’ – assaulting scenes of twenty-first century demise – but he does not attempt to grapple with the problem alone. Instead he enlists the help of a stunning amount of other writers and thinkers.

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Alex Kostas in as Cordite’s First Summer Intern

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