Alex Kostas in as Cordite’s First Summer Intern

By and | 10 November 2016

Cordite Publishing Inc. turns 20 years old come 2017, and it’s an honour that we’re now publishing poetry and criticism from writers that were not yet born when we started. Our first issues featured some of the last published poems by a number of significant Australian poets, and some of the first by writers now well, well established. We’re into our third generation now.

Cordite Publishing Inc. has relied on untold sums of volunteer hours to make our 80 issues of Cordite Poetry Review, 20 print books (see 2017) and all those supremely intricate int’l collaborations happen.

I am delighted to announce that Alex Kostas will be our first Summer intern. He will be involved with many facets of the journal’s production, editing and writing. Alex was born and raised in Canada but currently resides in Melbourne, and has been published in publications including otoliths, Unusual Works and Voiceworks. He was also shortlisted for the Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Prize 2015. He is currently studying a Law / Arts double bachelor at Monash University, and is hopelessly in love with John Steinbeck and Sharon Olds.

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