Erika M Carreon on as Philippines Literature Editor

By and | 15 December 2022

I’m honoured to announce that Erika M Carreon joined the Cordite Poetry Review Philippines Literature Editor.

We have worked hard to develop a significant readership in the Philippines, and this posting is a long time coming.

Erika M Carreon co-founded the independent journal Plural Online Prose Journal and published hybrid art and prose projects under Occult’s Razor together with Neobie Gonzalez. Her poems, short stories and translation work have appeared in High Chair, Kritika Kultura, TAYO Literary Magazine, Philippines Free Press, Katitikan, Anomaly Journal, Kalliope X and in Ulirát: Best Contemporary Stories in Translation from the Philippines. She is currently taking her PhD in creative writing at the University of Melbourne with a special interest in eco-fiction.

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