like we’re scared

By | 1 February 2018

you get off work fast and walk fast from the shopping centre
to your car and drive fast down the new highway
and the etag on your windshield beeps fast as you speed
under the fluoro lights that flicker fast in the new tunnel
that they built fast just so that you could get off work fast
and drive fast to my house which was built so fast that
you can’t even see it on google earth yet and we kiss fast before I get into
the passenger side of your fast car and grip onto the door handle while
you drive fast down winding backroads and I watch
your headlights flickering fast on the dark trees before we pull into
the new maccas drive-thru and order our meals fast like we’re scared
they’re going to run out of chips and we have another fast kiss
before I rub your leg and our fast food comes
and we listen to a fast pop song as we cruise through the main strip
where all the kids my brother goes to school with are growing up too fast
lining up for the only nightclub left since the other one burned down fast last summer
and they’ll be grinding on each other fast while the music blares down on them
making them wish they could be done school fast so they can go to tafe and get
a job and spend all their money fast on clubs and maccas and new tunnels for you to
drive in

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