By | 1 February 2018

I want that night again: hours trickling by
In soft rich dark caressing bluestone walls,
But take away the morning that showed up,

Delete all haughty sunlight of the day,
Erase that list of things that must be done.

Let angels clip the wings of big jet planes.

Death doodles circles round us hour on hour,
Each smaller than the last: I hardly want
Great chords of moonlight on the river, or

The Crown Casino shrunk upon my desk
With snow forever falling round about.
Give me the week before: a curdling sky,

Its questions with thin lines that spool and loop
While walking down a street I know by heart,
Give me that ordinary day, the best,

The one that had me step into a room
And see her there. I want to live inside
The words she spoke that afternoon, fine words

With windows tasting sunlight as it came.
I want to turn around and see her there.
Delete the miles that keep us far apart,

Erase thin moonlight tingling ocean waves.
Let angels cancel time. I want my days
To thread themselves though our first kiss that night,

I want to hear soft darkness breathe for hours,
I want to wake beside her, warm, each curled
Into a question mark a touch away.

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