Alison Flett


The diagnosis is hard to hear. Dark flames lap the future’s pretty cottage. Knees and elbows smoulder anger. Three streets away a fire engine’s high-pitched gape sounds amongst the traffic. The grasshopper in the bathroom that I trod on in …

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Review Short: Chapbooks by Alison Flett, Louise McKenna and Judy Dally

Garron Publishing’s recent ‘Southern-Land Poets’ collection is a ‘pathway                    trampled with voices’ (Vessel, by Alison Flett), intricately connected by a ‘golden thread/ still hanging from’ the readers flesh ‘like the sharp point of a stylus / forcing its message’ (The Martyrdom of Bees, by Louise McKenna).

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Lucy Van Reviews Little Windows 1 with Jill Jones, Andy Jackson, Alison Flett and John Glenday

The full set of LW1 arrives in the post like a present, a gift-wrapped bundle of square, slate-coloured books. It came to me looking so perfect, that a couple of days passed before I had the heart to a prise a chapbook from under the clear binding ribbon. This situation gave shape to a thought about the necessity of obstruction in order for words to seduce. Some form of this theory of desire continued to occur to me as I read the books’ divergent visions.

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5 Ways to Breathe in the CBD

Listen to the shoes of office-workers counting along the pavement, and your own shoes adding in their numbers. Write it all down as music, the black notes clicking and tapping. High above the multi-storey carparks the sun jellyfishes past. So …

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