Louise McKenna

Review Short: Chapbooks by Alison Flett, Louise McKenna and Judy Dally

Garron Publishing’s recent ‘Southern-Land Poets’ collection is a ‘pathway                    trampled with voices’ (Vessel, by Alison Flett), intricately connected by a ‘golden thread/ still hanging from’ the readers flesh ‘like the sharp point of a stylus / forcing its message’ (The Martyrdom of Bees, by Louise McKenna).

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Late Shift: Notes to Self

(Inspired by Henry Reed) Rush hour again: a fast lane of drip poles, trolleys and beds freighting the stricken. That skip needs to be emptied and bed twenty nine needs a bed pan. My husband is uncorking a merlot. It …

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All day those birds, the nurses flutter in their blue plumage. He stares through the window at a swatch of heaven, sees the neat white stitches of a jet. Something flickers in the corner of his eye: a feather, buoyed …

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