Louise McKenna

Louise McKenna's first poetry collection, A Lesson in Being Mortal, was published by Wakefield Press. Her work has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Mascara Literary Review, Eureka Street and Red River Review. She was shortlisted for the 2013 Fish Poetry Prize.


now gone to seed, looking for all the world like aureoles around streetlamps— you are a hair’s breadth from a thousand decapitations; ghost-heads floating on eddies of air. I mistake you for a miracle when Australia needs one: starry constellations …

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Late Shift: Notes to Self

(Inspired by Henry Reed) Rush hour again: a fast lane of drip poles, trolleys and beds freighting the stricken. That skip needs to be emptied and bed twenty nine needs a bed pan. My husband is uncorking a merlot. It …

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All day those birds, the nurses flutter in their blue plumage. He stares through the window at a swatch of heaven, sees the neat white stitches of a jet. Something flickers in the corner of his eye: a feather, buoyed …

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