Em König

Introduction to Em König’s Breathing Plural

Will we miss nature, asks Em König in Breathing Plural? In ‘dreams of stale breath’, maybe. Or ‘in another life, on another planet … maybe’ (echoing The Only Ones’ only hit). Glenn Albrecht says in Earth Emotions, ‘It [nature] effectively no longer exists’.

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The two of us ten and shirtless on a white quartz slope. Chalkdust and sweat crumb our backs like a schnitzel. The horizon is the furthest thing from us but we go there. It will be ten more years before …

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Synonyms for Womblike

Ants traverse my legs, only when I’m a child. Taking off my underwear to squat in puddles of brown mud, letting it in. Walking it through the house hoping for a smack, squeezing muddy bravelegs into mum’s thick pleather boots, …

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Yes and I told Him that our blood is not unclean yes and they thought of us only as cocks in arses and other holes yes glorious yes and I wore dresses as far back as the fence yes every …

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I I am kissing him against a glass Advertisement for dental hygiene Or something less Controversial. A man A king perhaps, a rock/stone thrown He is missing my face Misses the face in scratched glass Though my ankle bleeds His …

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when i forced my queer arm elbow deep into the cavern of our chest, i was reminded, again, why i no longer buy blue glitter | partly it’s about microplastics lodging in gills and cracks and the ocean’s blinding enough …

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