Synonyms for Womblike

By | 16 August 2019

Ants traverse my legs, only
when I’m a child. Taking off

my underwear to squat in puddles of brown
mud, letting it in. Walking it through the house

hoping for a smack, squeezing
muddy bravelegs into mum’s thick pleather

boots, she doesn’t wear lightly, doesn’t
understand the message behind a flat

heel like I do. Ants traverse my legs, still
I am five squatting over a full body

mirror to see my arsehole for the first time
to see my future, puckered and mint

I can already clean mud from cheap carpet,
can sacrifice an afternoon of bending

can think of ways to get out of trouble
at least until I’m clean. Ants

traverse my legs, I am thirty, bent
over the same looking glass, looking for something other

than cracked, dried mud. Other than
plastic boots, other than my future

womblike, watching assholes making mud-
puddles from desert sands

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