Em König

Em König is a queer poet, musician, performer and creative writing PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide. His work can be found in Meniscus, SWAMP, Malevolent Soap, Pink Cover, On Dit, under floorboards, in closets and drowning in the rising ocean. His debut chapbook, ‘Lightly, on the Skin’, was released in December 2018 through In Case of Emergency Press. He is one half of electronic music/performance duo Winter Witches.

Introduction to Em König’s Breathing Plural

Will we miss nature, asks Em König in Breathing Plural? In ‘dreams of stale breath’, maybe. Or ‘in another life, on another planet … maybe’ (echoing The Only Ones’ only hit). Glenn Albrecht says in Earth Emotions, ‘It [nature] effectively no longer exists’.

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The two of us ten and shirtless on a white quartz slope. Chalkdust and sweat crumb our backs like a schnitzel. The horizon is the furthest thing from us but we go there. It will be ten more years before …

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Synonyms for Womblike

Ants traverse my legs, only when I’m a child. Taking off my underwear to squat in puddles of brown mud, letting it in. Walking it through the house hoping for a smack, squeezing muddy bravelegs into mum’s thick pleather boots, …

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Yes and I told Him that our blood is not unclean yes and they thought of us only as cocks in arses and other holes yes glorious yes and I wore dresses as far back as the fence yes every …

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I I am kissing him against a glass Advertisement for dental hygiene Or something less Controversial. A man A king perhaps, a rock/stone thrown He is missing my face Misses the face in scratched glass Though my ankle bleeds His …

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when i forced my queer arm elbow deep into the cavern of our chest, i was reminded, again, why i no longer buy blue glitter | partly it’s about microplastics lodging in gills and cracks and the ocean’s blinding enough …

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