By | 1 May 2019
Yes and I told Him that our blood is not unclean yes and they thought of us only as cocks in arses and other holes yes glorious yes and I wore dresses as far back as the fence yes every day yes those boots that came to my inner thigh yes they made a tapping sound yes on my inner thigh yes on the kitchen floor yes on the empty pool yes it is hard to say yes whether I am one or the other yes these images will never be hung yes on walls in fancy frames yes and the dust has settled now yes across a thousand sweat-drenched nightclubs yes and there is so much glitter in everyone’s shit yes we are not simply light entertainment yes we are not daytime tv yes we are not Ave Maria yes we are not white cake and gifts yes we are not a disclaimer on an empty packet yes your grinning makes us sour yes we will no longer wear the veil yes we will never touch your children yes we are not always in ecstasy yes we are not the blood of birds yes we are not a candelabra yes we are not drippings of hot wax yes we are not a muted scale yes and there were many stains on his sheets yes and it turned itself into an artwork yes a war of art yes and the whole community came together yes with raised flags and high voices yes and we were never never a swollen trope yes we will not make the finale yes we are not the woman or the man yes we are still never holding hands in the street yes and perhaps we were not Born This Way yes we were made this way yes scarred by words yes and being told yes no yes we will continue to win yes and we are not all dying yes but we all are yes.

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