Who Shot Camilo Catrillanca?

By | 1 May 2019

Who shot Camilo Catrillanca?
It was the antiterrorist law applied by Pinochet.
It was the “anti-terrorist” unit of the Chilean police
Known as Comando Jungla;
Command that trained in the Colombian tropical jungle
With collaboration from the US & Chilean governments.
Or it was the four police members of the JC?
They shed blood on the Wallmapu,
Shooting the Mapuche warrior, calling him a Weifaliche.

He was driving his tractor back home.
He ground the land and built his house
With his hands and his ancestral dreams at sunset.
Land recovered by Mapuche traditional community of Temucuicu.
There was the Weifaliche with a bullet in the head
And his blood spilled on earth.
His eyes are stuck in the beams of his unfinished house.
Walls of love massacred,
Fallen space of dying love,
A roof of sky and stars to protect
The life of their children.

Who shot Camilo Catrillanca?
Who are those armed monsters with hate, thirsty for blood?
They shot to kill, not knowing that his death
Is a seed in the blood of their ancestors who sow in the eternal waters of love.

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