Miguel de Unamuno Question to Us: Why that Lilies the Ice Killed?

By | 1 October 2015

¿Por qué, Teresa, y para qué nacimos?
¿Por qué y para que fuimos dos?
¿Por qué y para qué es todo nada?
¿Por qué nos hizo Dios?
Miguel de Unamuno

Why, Teresa, and what we were born?

The wind makes this question to the poet on his grave.
Teresa responds with rain and cold breath
She planted a kiss on the skin and in verse of the worm.
I, the poet from south who will read us
(Unamuno may think as his final verse)
My reading will be a red carnation brought from afar.
Like a reading poem in other tongue after 1936
Blood and death that was we were.
Unamuno wrote What we were born?
I don’t know.
Your question is an old nest in rare book
Like a soul flying through time & space.
2015 I am reading … lirios que los hielos matan?
And you died in 1936. (en el nacimiento de la Guerra Civil de España).
Your question resurrected in my lips
As a saliva del gozo
joy saliva, saliva kiss liking my dream
cutting these lilies kill the ice.

That and we were both?

I do not know.
maybe we were a tree planted in the soul of the world.
We went on a cloud driven by a blind sky.
maybe we were a small Huidobro thinking ourselves God love with a star.
We went yesterday (peace war wound)
we went back years (onion in the hands of the prison nursing creature)
we went two (self, other Unamuno)
and your blood Teresa (Love in the Mist)
we were eternal in the unanswered questions.
only death rests on nothing.
The two were nothing in the verses
death, forgetfulness and love that made question.

For that and that is everything and nothing?

Violins embrace the lament of the melody.
bleeds rhythm in verse all
verse nothing is a line
My reading is all nothing.

violin regret leaving the soul
crying rivers in strings that are caught in the war.
rivers sailing at nothing earth as a seed fruitless.
one violin ask? On / off
A guitar singing without question?
I am life in your hands and I am nothing in your dream.
I am made of love and I’m all into nothingness.
Teresa because you were all to be dust nothing.

Why did God make us?

God replies that dead do not charge me
who killed Miguel de Unamuno?
Teresa or lilies
God answers: love and I have witnesses
my son
& its spirit of poet
since the father was out partying.

Why did God make us?
God responds angrily means:
I did not do anyone
each is one older enough
to know who their parents.
I know poet fall in love and they believe as a small gods
another dog with that bone.
Excuse me, I am God not a poet

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