Invasion Day 2

By | 1 May 2018

For Ali Cobby Eckerman & Lionel Fogarty

I slept last night within your kiss and woke up invaded by a stroking hand.
On our patio last night Ali & Lionel talked about dreams and reality;
A conversation of spirit and friends who find they are united by love and dignity.
We are expatriate voices,
Tortured birds that write poems for liberation.
Lionel writes verses against terra nullius
& Ali has kissed the flesh of her sister who flew above the earth.
Juan is still reading his poem ‘I look like an Aboriginal’.
Around the table the candles light our faces and the wind plays with the flames.
Our bodies are embracing the smoke of words; tongues tangling
With accents of life & exile.
We are surviving the words & accents of struggle and resistance;
The sound of English is not a celebration.
We are birds trapped in the broken branches of the flesh of the ancestors’ sorrow.
Here we are, in unity, just a night away from Invasion Day.
Candles illuminate the accent of our laughter.
The smoke is lost in the sky. We laugh. We are warriors and poets.
We are brothers and sisters in this invaded land.
We are pulling out the Mayan calendar for 2012.
We are going to die and be born again in our common struggle for freedom.

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