How Mirror Stores Operate

By | 1 May 2018

You know that cages
are ornamental
and orders are called menus.

You sat through the training
now you’re trained.
A major symptom is elevation.

You find the blanket
to be satisfactorily

Fake grass is the image
you were looking for.
Inchoate drawing in a broke off

voice message, broken off
from your professional voice…

You include cinnamon
in the oats
and order more beer.

It’s morning and evening somewhere.
You wonder how mirror
stores operate.

Borne out by tickling
is antiquated
and plain wrong. Even so

you bore it
for the manacled daughter
of the house who broke off

all engagements to wear that dress.
You notice the plover’s nest
in the courtyard opposite

and how awful
it must be
to circle.

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