Glenn McPherson

Glenn McPherson is a Sydney based writer and poet. He has studied and completed a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney, and has previous works published in Meanjin.


A barrow is wheeled into place. Sparrows the colour of buckwheat. Two neat runners of treated pine Sleepers, more broadly divine The intentions of the day. Scurrilous cross-hatching lies sketched At each unpicked hem of reinforcing for The concrete marrow …

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How Mirror Stores Operate

You know that cages are ornamental and orders are called menus. You sat through the training now you’re trained. A major symptom is elevation. You find the blanket to be satisfactorily romantic. Fake grass is the image you were looking …

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In Outback

Heathen heat staunches off tar. A pious and paunch house full of February storms, canned goods, a broken spring bed, haunch of father’s static in the led paint. The wood window frame can taste of iron on a tongue. It …

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