Juan Garrido-Salgado

Tim Wright Reviews Sarah St Vincent Welch and Juan Garrido Salgado

The achievements of the poets who started publishing in the early 1980s in Australia have tended to be overshadowed by those of the generation immediately prior to them.

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Who Shot Camilo Catrillanca?

Who shot Camilo Catrillanca? It was the antiterrorist law applied by Pinochet. It was the “anti-terrorist” unit of the Chilean police Known as Comando Jungla; Command that trained in the Colombian tropical jungle With collaboration from the US & Chilean …

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Invasion Day 2

For Ali Cobby Eckerman & Lionel Fogarty I slept last night within your kiss and woke up invaded by a stroking hand. On our patio last night Ali & Lionel talked about dreams and reality; A conversation of spirit and …

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September 11, 1973

That September 11 … exploded there in my country. Yes. It exploded La Moneda in Santiago which was devoured by flames. But. There were thousands, hundreds of thousands of tortured bodies, crushed hands, eyes staring at the gates of death, …

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This is Not a Poetry Review: Self-publishing 101

Self-publishing has never been easier to do than now, yet it’s often spoken about in terms of ‘last resorts’ or ‘building up’ to something. Some people do it shamelessly, others create publishing houses to mitigate the ‘stigma’. I’ve been sent four books to examine as case-studies, each of which use completely different styles of self-publishing.

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Joel Scott Reviews Poetry of the Earth: Mapuche Trilingual Anthology

Book reviews tend to operate according to some kind of comparative drive: which are the writers whose work this resembles; is this work better or worse than those? Where can it be located in a historical system of literary relationships? Leaning on Harold Bloom’s theories of critical paternity testing and an inverted form of child support, this mode of review is supposed to gives us an idea of what the book might be like, whether we should bother reading it, perhaps even whether it should have been published in the first place.

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Miguel de Unamuno Question to Us: Why that Lilies the Ice Killed?

¿Por qué, Teresa, y para qué nacimos? ¿Por qué y para que fuimos dos? ¿Por qué y para qué es todo nada? ¿Por qué nos hizo Dios? Miguel de Unamuno Why, Teresa, and what we were born? The wind makes …

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Paul Hetherington Reviews The turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry

John Kinsella is an Australian poet with a high profile and a long record of achievement, including winning the 2013 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Poetry. He is also an assiduous anthologiser. Most notably, he edited The Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry (2008), one of the more successful of recent attempts to establish an indicative canon of Australian poetry (although this was not, perhaps, Kinsella’s avowed intention with that book).

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Trilingual Visibility in Our Transpacific: 3 Mapuche Poets

The work of the three Mapuche poets included here – Jaime Huenún, Maribel Mora Curriao and Roxana Miranda Rupailaf – has been drawn from the Tri-lingual Mapuche Poetry Anthology, forthcoming with Interactive Press in later 2013. Poems are presented in …

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I Have Three Wounds: Of Life, Love and Death

All of what remained in us was down to hours – daily, weekly accumulations of them – silent spans like we were puppets without any public function. My family and I were silenced humans, wounds of exile struggling to enjoy just a moment in an empty Adelaide street.

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Fogarty & Garrido: A Bilingual Conversation between 4 Poems

Mapuche ‘campesinos’ – Lionel Fogarty Chile our liberation fight is the same Indigenous courage we must unite on land we relate to better than rich Chilean brother we here are unity for you Columbus 1492 was a white man like …

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My soul is wet with the tears of impossible things

“My soul is wet with the tears of impossible things” — Federico Garcia Lorca, ‘Todo será el corazón’ On the surface of the eternal soul hundreds of verses moistened with our lives that have grown sick and weary. I carry …

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The dark has taken root on all four walls

Translated with Peter Boyle “The dark has taken root on all four walls” — Kevin Hart, ‘Room’ Holding fast to this line of Kevin Hart through their deep roots I enter the experience of those prison days. Once more I …

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