September 11, 1973

By | 1 November 2016

That September 11 … exploded there in my country.
Yes. It exploded La Moneda in Santiago which was devoured by flames.
But. There were thousands, hundreds of thousands of tortured bodies,
crushed hands, eyes staring at the gates of death,
bodies tied to pieces of rails of evil and thrown into the deep sea.
That 11 … if Dante had not written the Divine Comedy
& Raul Zurita had not written the Anti-Paradise
still it would happen as happened it.

That September 11 … Neruda shouted: Come and see the blood in the streets
he died, his funeral was prohibited by a military Junta.
That 11 … It had not been in a chapter of Marquez’s book, Chronicle of a Death Foretold
That 11 … 1973 Kissinger and Nixon collapsed our history forever.

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