What I Saw

By | 16 August 2019

I didn’t see the helicopter hovering didn’t see it had stopped didn’t see the police at the end of the pier or the small boat in the sea didn’t see one policewoman stood there for a reason a barrier to prevent us from moving forward didn’t see the whole thing proceeding didn’t join up all the dots make connections like good learners do didn’t see didn’t notice totally oblivious to my environment just like I’ve always been but Janine pointed it out to me all of it in the middle of conversation there was what’s that helicopter doing and why is it hovering and why has it stopped and then there was I wonder if the police are connected to that small boat out on the water from before and that’s why the helicopter that’s what the helicopter was looking at and me saying what boat and me not seeing anything and Janine seeing everything but I did see Janine’s face when after an hour of talking about teaching hers mine she said she had some news and I knew straight away it was one of her daughters and she said her daughter had got into Medicine and there was the slightest pause after she said it and her last word was weighted and felt big and bold between us and she said At Melbourne! and I saw the awe the pride and joy in her face it was flushed from the sun and beaming and I saw the way the light caught her hair still as dark as when she was a schoolgirl and she looked at me waiting for my reaction and I can be slow to say or do the right thing but I saw how she was expecting and anticipating and almost willing my reaction but probably I’m wrong and it was simply one friend turning to another with wonderful news and waiting to see the smile on her friend’s face the warmth of sharing wonderful news and the waiting for your friend to say something and I put my arm round her shoulder at the side for we were walking so a little awkwardly I hugged her from the side and kissed her on her hair when I meant her cheek and said that’s wonderful! and she said Imagine! A daughter doing Medicine! and I could see she was bursting with it and yet she wasn’t there was something contained as if it still hadn’t entirely been taken in and I don’t think it was that she was surprised or even shocked at the brilliance of her daughter which she knew so well but maybe more at herself for bringing this brilliance into the world as if she hadn’t thought herself capable of it and I wanted to hug her again a real hug properly hug her hold her in my arms and say well it’s wonderful but it’s no surprise there’s absolutely nothing surprising about anything everything you have brought into this world


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