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By | 1 February 2016

‘no more blues’, that’s not a promise
there’s no traction or policy in the blues

all those bars are too long a cycle
to make for twittering views

no more plaints or graces
no thanks, ‘watch and listen carefully’

enhanced performance, premium economy
‘a loss of consciousness’, ‘oxygen will flow’, ‘settle back’

it’s a field day under the smoky hills

what does my tray table say about me
the colour of my life jacket, indeed, my life

‘woke up this morning’, that line’s been used
an immense dark blue sea nothing like the Pacific

it’s a long way down, it’s a long way home
even the clouds are small

perhaps something scary or precious
will break loose as the screens fall

what if there were no more blues
everything white and cloudy, ’nothing to see here’

does Europe seem safe
there are checks again in the Schengen zone

‘strong margins’, more landings on Lesbos
ancient songs for peace, love, weddings, thanks

‘persons of interest’, abductions
the last Commodore rolls out of the factory

what do you do with your hands
time is pressing, ‘enjoy the service’

‘the cost of complexity’, alive in the aisles
‘full of self belief’, ‘materials handling’

showers in Cape Town, sunny and dry in Lima

your own youtube channel must be full of likes as well as gripes
as the news disappears into itself, by jings it’s hard

but not so hard as no more blues

and there’s New South Wales or whatever it was
or will become, cultivated white squares and a haze

‘being a personal trainer’, ‘a true Aussie lifestyle’
from Port Macquarie to Wagga Wagga

which state would you settle in

‘the Australian dream ticks all the boxes’
welcome to the Gold Coast, five minutes from the beach

no more blues, it’s all white from now on
‘a loss of consciousness’, ‘settle back’ –

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