At Least Four Instances

By | 1 November 2017

how do you fend off the sea
it will be here if not ever
but as your fever
or your shadow when you stop

do doors open as they did
does your hand feel the same
in the night

it’s not necessarily a question
of listening quickly
or slowly

there’s a fluorescent glow taxis are helpless
ancient women discuss
meanings the lines across
their cheeks
the junk is cast
plants are broken

shake hands with destruction
walk into the place marked with
gold and dung

if you gamble with fortune fences smirk
the mulch is full of earwigs

a group of men look at the broken road
as if it was a puzzle
that will take days

the night has its cloud face
buildings are illuminated
by tricksters

the avenue fills with splendid proposals
lollies on sticks avidity and cream

there are three creaking noises
in the morning
and at least four instances where the room was busted
by night’s computer fire

you start with
a humble shell
men talk to you they come and go
this corridor
becomes a question

perhaps you miss your moment
so, leave by the stairs

the caretaker watches you children swing outside
someone shines a torch
on the code

envelopes slip speech crackles
everyone has a theory
bark showers down from clouds

bricks get bitter

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