Joel Ephraims

The Little Guys

After James Tate A premium trolley had pulled up in aisle four and was accepting passengers for half price. Pierce Brosnan was pushing this one today and thousands were lined up in snaking lines that stretched out of the metropolis …

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Upon the Passing of Tomas Tranströmer

The world has come up to my window to tell me it’s not too late to tell me yes yes you too are still alive The gods and demons of the Śatapathabrāhmaṇa have left their eye lids along with their …

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Monologue of the Terminator

If you want the guise of a sparrow, you must work to achieve it. Laziness is the bane of your generation. Why do you think the ancestors of the trap door spiders had such fine, romantic legs? I worked in …

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Review Short: Ainslee Meredith’s Pinetorch and Joel Ephraims’s Through the Forest

PinetorchThe two latest chapbooks in Australian Poetry’s new voices series are remarkable because they occupy two very different kinds of poetic practice to equally interesting and impressive ends. Both are playful, and push against the boundaries of form, with a crisp lyric impulse at play in Meredith’s work and an almost psychedelic sensibility animating Ephraims’s collection.

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