Seven Formulas of Method

By | 1 August 2016

1. Data:
Sun on the right hand
Sand fun this roght hend
Sent an tho rught hind
Sin ends thumb raght hond
Song in that reght hund

2. Mix:
on the right sand / sent behind / thumbs end rage / expand this shine / song that hounds

3. Booster:
and forbudden her and dumb
as a-peaking of hindone amiss
a fire hends rope to the day
I had the soul’s whereght
nurse sick we make send this newhom
wherught he thathat then is
but their eyes the bling brayes for
where that burn und suct that thing

4. Selection:
then is but their eyes
is but their
then is but their
is but their eyes
is but their eyes
then is
thathat burn und
suct thathat burn und
suct thathat

5. Turbo:
Sunshine handling furnace sent rught hit sunshade right sardine furlong sent roght
histrionic siphon engineering tibia to sort that hand

6. Hone:
sunset sarcophagus sortie sunroof sapphire sinus handle history

7. New charge:
a fleet of headaches running the deck, ocean sick
we manufacture fantasies and suck that timber more
a flavour heads the decision-making
we had the spectacle’s willingness
an occurrence as sick as could we make in an hour
flash hatred rules the cycle
sick obstacles keep us interned
with our faiths, our factories
hardware and fabrics turning out song
sin counting our right thumb
sand in the engine, sun sent gone

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