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Andy Jackson Reviews Solid Air: Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word

Is an anthology greater than the sum of its parts? Does it effectively capture its milieu? Who’s been included, who left out? Is it genuinely of the moment? Will it endure?

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Radio Laneways and the Melbourne Sound

Photograph by Catarina Fizzano Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry. – Jack Kerouac It’s a beautiful thing to know what came before. Who walked the laneways ahead of you, smoothed any paths that …

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Jessica Wilkinson Reviews Lisa Jacobson

Lisa JacobsonThe verse novel is a peculiar organism: descended from the sweeping epics that chronicled the birth of nations and the misadventures of wayward heroes, we can still find characters struggling on their ‘grand’ journey – likely to be a personal, emotional and/or psychological journey – with the occasional battle scene (though, this is more likely to take place on a much smaller, personal level). As a distinctly modern form, there is certainly much less aggrandisement of the natural world via mythical and magical hyperbole in the verse novel.

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Adam Ford: Damn & Be Published (Part 1)

Correct by Eric Yoshinko Dando Idiot Savant by Warwick Dunbar Humble Pi by Pi O Mang and the New Reality by Paul White East Village Inky by Ayun Halliday When I go to second-hand bookstores and look through the poetry …

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Q&A with Pi O

Pi O was born in Greece (1951) and raised in Fitzroy, Melbourne. A founding member of the Poets' Union, he has edited books of poetry such as Fitzroy, 925, Missing Forms (1980) – a visual poetry anthology, and Off the …

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