Pi O

Radio Laneways and the Melbourne Sound

Photograph by Catarina Fizzano Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry. – Jack Kerouac It’s a beautiful thing to know what came before. Who walked the laneways ahead of you, smoothed any paths that …

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Jessica Wilkinson Reviews Lisa Jacobson

Lisa JacobsonThe verse novel is a peculiar organism: descended from the sweeping epics that chronicled the birth of nations and the misadventures of wayward heroes, we can still find characters struggling on their ‘grand’ journey – likely to be a personal, emotional and/or psychological journey – with the occasional battle scene (though, this is more likely to take place on a much smaller, personal level). As a distinctly modern form, there is certainly much less aggrandisement of the natural world via mythical and magical hyperbole in the verse novel.

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Adam Ford: Damn & Be Published (Part 1)

Correct by Eric Yoshinko Dando Idiot Savant by Warwick Dunbar Humble Pi by Pi O Mang and the New Reality by Paul White East Village Inky by Ayun Halliday When I go to second-hand bookstores and look through the poetry …

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Q&A with Pi O

Pi O was born in Greece (1951) and raised in Fitzroy, Melbourne. A founding member of the Poets' Union, he has edited books of poetry such as Fitzroy, 925, Missing Forms (1980) – a visual poetry anthology, and Off the …

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