Emily Crocker

Andy Jackson Reviews Solid Air: Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word

Is an anthology greater than the sum of its parts? Does it effectively capture its milieu? Who’s been included, who left out? Is it genuinely of the moment? Will it endure?

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I, a ghost of myself (groans and all), and you, cumbersome with so much opacity. Itching in the aisles of hangers. Each point of contact enacting a five-star violence they don’t know to call a violence; grinning and belted. Glitching …

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Happy Birthday

It induces such an appetite for ribs to know I was the first person to call you honestly. The names you’ve tried on collecting in my cheeks like bar mix. The woody aftertaste carried over to two burnt matches suspended …

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David Dick Reviews Emily Crocker, Allison Gallagher and Aisyah Shah Idil

I am always struck by the immense variability of human experience; the little and big differences that amount to the conditions of our individual and collective identities. The task of poetry is to write this nebulous, subjective humanity, while also probing the inefficiencies of the language we have to create and understand something so frustratingly out of grasp.

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We spiraled down the escarpment road, with the dog, keenly Houdini-twisted out of his harness, panting at the view, and found the beach below torn open. Great hunks of sand tossed crudely from the dunes. A mass grave of mutton-birds …

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