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Andy Jackson Reviews Solid Air: Australian and New Zealand Spoken Word

Is an anthology greater than the sum of its parts? Does it effectively capture its milieu? Who’s been included, who left out? Is it genuinely of the moment? Will it endure?

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Ali Alizadeh Reviews Ian McBryde and Tim Sinclair

Slivers by Ian McBryde Flat Chat Press, 2005 Nine Hours North by Tim Sinclair Penguin, 2006 Two recent Australian poetry titles – one from a 'cult' adult (and at times 'adults only') poet, another from a newcomer writing for 'young …

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Ali Alizadeh Reviews Ian McBryde

In the majority of this collection's poems, McBryde seems more interested in representing the realities of the Nazi tyranny 'as they really were' and does not aim to bridge the distance between their precedence and our presence. … These latter poems are, in my opinion, some of the most startling, daring, and interesting poems published in Australia for some time.

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Q&A with Ian McBryde

Domain is without exception the most difficult and challenging poetry collection I have ever tackled. It involved almost four years of steady research and writing. It had a profound effect on me, and caused many a night of uneasy sleep. I found myself quite overcome by a lot of the imagery and literature, which hung around me in a sad, invisible, cloying sort of way.” Ian McBryde talks about his latest collection of poetry.

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Ian McBryde's latest collection Domain has been reviewed here by Ali Alizadeh. Read an interview with Ian from our Anti/Heroes issue.

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There is no grip stricter than history. The bare bed, the light turned out too soon. Where the stairs end. A tired nightnurse doing half-hearted rounds past mostly empty cots. Unfillable stillnesses. The absence of hands on us. The vacant …

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Fever Dreams

Canadian-born Ian McBryde has been well-published both in Australia and many countries overseas. His fourth collection of poetry, Equatorial, was published 2001, and he has just released his second CD of spoken-word, entitled The Still Company. His next collection of poetry, Domain will be released by Five Islands Press in 2004.

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The Stuka Movement

Furious birds, functionally ugly, the Stukas wind down out of the sky. As they descend their sirens are rising, pre-set to concert pitch, a deliberate, death decibal A. Lean and bent-winged eagles, they fall on an audience of refugees streaming …

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Adam Ford: Damn & Be Published (Part 2)

I Fall in Love with a Beautiful Newcomer … by Susan Fereday The Still Company by The Still Company Excerpts from Teach Yourself Atomic Physics by Phil Norton Beware the Balsa Chair (number one) by Ebony Truscott Humans, Animals & …

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