A Field Report from This is Not Art

It didn’t really sink in that I was going to This is Not Art (TiNA) until about halfway through the flight from Perth to Sydney. I largely did not know what to expect, having done relatively little research beforehand and being chronically distracted by PhD studies/life as I know it.

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Visiting the Perth Writer’s Festival

Occurring each year as part of the Festival of Perth, the 2010 Writer's Festival was held on the Labour Day long weekend at the University of Western Australia's Crawley campus, right next to the Swan River. It comprises both local and interstate writers with special guests from overseas and includes poets, novelists and book designers along with local anthology creators, publishing houses and independent publications known affectionately as ‘zines'.

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TINA Reflections

derekmotionLiterary festivals happen again and again in Australia but you'll probably miss most of them. Even if you do reside in a major coastal city, then still, you'll miss things. I know. I used to not care so much, but now I read blogs and keep tabs on the activities of a lot of Australian writers; so I am privy to all the festival happenings, all the goss, and I am naturally left feeling left out. Why can't I go to these cool things if so many other people can?

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Paul Mitchell Reviews Pushing Words

“Pushing Words”, a poetry reading held as part of the Castlemaine State Arts Festival, featured Melbourne poets Dorothy Porter, Ian McBryde, Lauren Williams, Kevin Brophy, Ali Alizadeh, Jennifer Harrison and Myron Lysenko.

Organiser Ross Donlon promoted the event as a chance to catch top poets who you'd never see reading together on the one bill. Each poet gave a strong performance, no doubt influenced by the company around them.

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Paul Mitchell on Sleepers at Next Wave 2004

“Sleepers Prevents Bad Poetry” Next Wave Festival (Festival Club) Monday 24 May 2004 This event was presented at the Next Wave Festival in a bar venue – after a big crowd had finished fawning all over American cartoonist, writer and …

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Paul Mitchell witnesses Les Murray – LIVE!

Les Murray Live at the Melbourne Writers Festival 24 August 2002 Paul Mitchell was a guest of the Melbourne Writers Festival in August this year, but only because he paid some cash to get in. While waiting for the opening …

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David Prater reports back from NYWF 2001

National Young Writers Festival September 29 to October 3, 2001 Newcastle, Australia I don't care what anyone says; the 2001 National Young Writer's Festival was never going to be as good as last year's or the one before that. At …

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