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Psalm 19b

Let me stand at a door that opens to ocean ride on an orca under water, then up and out of it leaping. Let me call to forests a name they’ve forgotten their leaves breathe a breath from the mouths …

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Letter to Franz Kafka

Given your output, I’m sorry to write only a letter, but I have these Annual Reports to type, so time’s an insect, attention spans and shelf-times shorter, and the Digital Age makes burning manuscripts impossible. What would you say to …

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Field Recording 1 – Clarendon Hotel, South Melbourne

He’s turning 57 in a month and the last six months, I don’t know, he’s You don’t compromise yourself, no, no, they’re there, but so many close family friends People like Steve and Jane, they’re the types … You know …

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National Geographic

‘Weather Gone Wild’, September 2012 1. Orangutan languorous on the incongruous jungle seat. Mongolian boy pushes his sister on a makeshift swing. Frayed ropes, dirty, smiling faces. Cloudless sky. Raccoon crawls from a ditch tempted by a choc-chip cookie. Romeo …

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The Conversation (Risen)

You were climbing, when I first saw you, down into the floor of a Fitzroy pub. Whose grave was it, again? Your father’s? Our Father’s? Your own? No, your shadow’s. It was mine too. You could disappear easily into any …

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CCC Spoken Word Mix

[audio:,,,,,,|titles=I will grab their bytes and they will secretly not like it,Not Some Racist,a text tale,Paradise,Free Information Poem,A Night on the Town,Creative Commons: Bastion for Utopia or Just More Creative Culture Juju?|artists=klare lanson,Paul Mitchell and Bill Buttler,klare lanson,Lady Gaby and …

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Not Some Racist

[audio:|titles=Not Some Racist] Not Some Racist (1:57) Words: Paul Mitchell | Music: Bill Buttler

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Paul Mitchell Reviews Tim Metcalf

The Solution to Us by Tim Metcalf Ginninderra Press, 2008 Australia is home to a number of clinician poets, including general practitioners such as Peter Goldsworthy and Shen, and mental health specialists such as Jennifer Harrison, Robyn Rowland and Doris …

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after Geoff Page     I like my x. Especially the equal lines that pass through her centre. They give her balance, the sense that no matter what life may throw she'll stand, with her legs firm & grounded. She …

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It's no use showing me poems about music; I'm tone deaf.There's nothing wrong with that one, just needs more brilliance. Yeah, you've written a shocker there. Great poem. And full of love. *      Don't use tired images when you feel you …

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Paul Mitchell Reviews Claire Gaskin

A Bud by Claire Gaskin John Leonard Press, 2006 There is no firm ground in Claire Gaskin's new collection, A Bud. If you're looking for poetry that announces itself as a place to have your psychic tremors explained, your yearning …

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A Series of Good Investments

He sits with his thumbs in knots a sparrow nestled in his stomach rolls no need now for further talk of flight or the lack therof, no need for further, distance or any departure time, long distance call or marker. …

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