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Dear Dad

Dear Dad Check this link … Love Siggy     >Notice – This memory contains paranoia and counter-transference insights >intended only for the intrusive use of the anaclitic named above. If you >are not the intended regression of this …

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Paul Mitchell Interviews Joel Deane

Joel Deane has won two national awards for his poetry and fiction. His novel, Another, won the IP Picks award for best unpublished Australian fiction manuscript in 2004 and was published in the same year.

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Paul Mitchell reviews Les Murray

While it has its weaknesses, The Biplane Houses reminds us of Murray's strengths and the reasons for so much Australian poetry being measured against his output. The emotional and personal concerns aired in ?The Tune on Your Mind' and the strengths of this collection tell me that, despite the fact that Murray is rounding on 70, his best works may be yet to come.

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Paul Mitchell is a Melbourne poet. He has published one collection, Minorphysics (IP 2003), and has another due out in April 2007 through Five Islands Press. Visit his website.

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a day in the life long

The moon forgets its own face. I'm reminded that I don't like the colour of sky in summer, ever. Someone asks me to smell their rose colour. I say, Get out of the way of my birdsong! Watch the brittle …


writers and editors

there are writers who are trying to get into books and there are editors that try hard to keep them out there are writers who are trying to get in too hard and there are editors that try books to …


Q&A with Richard Watts

Richard Watts, creative director of Express Media's (producer of the youth literary magazine Voiceworks) has stepped down. Paul Mitchell reports on Richard's five years in a job that he describes as the best he's ever had.

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Paul Mitchell reviews Pushing Words

Castlemaine State Arts Festival April 2005 “Pushing Words”, a poetry reading held as part of the Castlemaine State Arts Festival, featured Melbourne poets Dorothy Porter, Ian McBryde, Lauren Williams, Kevin Brophy, Ali Alizadeh, Jennifer Harrison and Myron Lysenko.

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Claire Stewart reviews Paul Mitchell

I remember once hearing that the late Sidney Nolan had said that it took him a few years to paint like an adult but that it had taken him several years to paint like a child. Mitchell also shares that ability to place himself in another perspective, particularly that of a child, so accurately and compassionately.

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Q&A with Johanna Featherstone

'Featherstone' is actually a physical condition whereby instead of the skeleton being made of bone, it is made of a feather stone. The feather stone's (bone) strength is due to the interweaving feathers inside each piece of bone.

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Paul Mitchell on Sleepers at Next Wave 2004

“Sleepers Prevents Bad Poetry” Next Wave Festival (Festival Club) Monday 24 May 2004 This event was presented at the Next Wave Festival in a bar venue – after a big crowd had finished fawning all over American cartoonist, writer and …

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Season for Stubbies

the stubby canadian cousins yet another cliché that seems to be really true large black shiny stubby pterodactyl-like creatures bill was relieved the afterburner was caged in a stubby housing at a slower switch-off characteristic steve opened his jacket slightly …

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