Sarah Connor’s Last Ride

By | 18 July 2003

tying her blonde hair behind her
left no time to resuscitate her Beamer
so watch her drive in Range Rover fear
that the wind may change direction
suck air pressure from her tyres
and blow out her lipstick holder

once she could have picked up
Arnie Schwarz or someone taller
but her make up and cucumber slices
fill the customs bin her stockings
are stuck up on the heads of teenagers
robbing milk bars for M & Ms

she's on a highway to helicopters
in fruit fly formation cross the desert
she shoos them with her hairspray
she's left a slipper on the Nullarbor
Ernie Dingo shows it to the nation
what it cost to buy this, hey?

her hair's unwinding in the bull's eye
the red centre where the dart flies
a five thousand kay pipeline pumps
gas and leftover songlines
solid rock standin on sacred ground
livin on blonde hair borrowed from a bottle

she's tied her khaki legwarmers to the aerial
that Wrong Way Go Back sign was red
not pink she didn't notice it the sand
on her windscreen the nuclear fallout
sweetening up the desert the machine
she fires into the night sky tracer bullets
blaze in white light neon

“Terminate Her Too” and a blanket falls
from heaven president Swarzenegger
(don't call him Arnie) says “Sarah,
the War is Over” they put a gas mask
on her and she spits and coughs
the taste of Chanel Number Five

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