By | 17 July 2003

All the evil sins in a book
Learned at Obedience School
A flag in peoples' hearts —
And people everywhere are born chained
The real bloodsucker death
Steps out of the television
When the runways extend from Hell.
Better to think of the angels above
Heaven busy with electricity.
Those departed hoons rise undead
To catch new episodes of trash tv.
Buried in a grave they crave war, sex
And machines smoothed on a screen.

In most celestial ballet Buffy kicks ass —
Thus contemplate the path made light
By Buffy meditation — athletics is a soul's power
Breaking out, unflinching and she would
Never let down a friend — you might ask Buffy
For a smidgeon of grace, be smart and quick
Kick mucho evil butt with finely scripted wit
Kick decay from our hearts Give the self
to purity ideal and your dreams
will be “wicked accurate”.

Buffy does it so it's okay to party
All night and “go through stuff” growing up and
If Buffy gets a hard time at school those vampires
Are so killed. Mumble the words of an occult prayer
So it should be with you. . . This world you do not – cannot –
Angel of the world gone to hell — déjà vu Buffy
Stake evil's heart thank her for the bliss she gives

A blood-stained shower curtain kind of love
The kind of love an angel craves.
Children take up armour, swords, crosses &
Garlic necklaces. Learn by heart the snappy
One-liners six seasons of Buffy episodes
Brought us they are powerful charms.
Late nights, warmed by the television
We shall listen to those Californian voices —
A cold wind blows from outer space.
Any ghost will tell you: Love is forever.
Light the incense now and call the spirit.
Good will triumph in her light.
Kick those demons. Kick 'em high
Buffy bless and sanctify.

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