Field Recording 1 – Clarendon Hotel, South Melbourne

By | 1 June 2014

He’s turning 57 in a month and the last six months, I don’t know, he’s

You don’t compromise yourself, no, no, they’re there, but so many close family friends

People like Steve and Jane, they’re the types … You know it’s ridiculous,
everyone’s on edge, so you’ve got to sort it out

My son in law, last Saturday night
I put the caravan at the front door, I put it at the front door, and I was rooted.
It weighs a tonne.

But not quite…the guys from repat came but they can’t do it until next Tuesday … Your birthday present.

It’s your factory, you’re the one with the title. When I went to the footy Anzac
Day the MCG’s drainage, the big difference is you don’t see mud on the ground.

I’d just like to learn about it, guns and knives, and the general of Rome. His general knowledge just leaves me speechless … He should be running the other way, not looking at the sun, he hasn’t got a mean bone in his body.

Wait until you see my new shoes.


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