Geoff Goodfellow

Review Short: Geoff Goodfellow’s Opening the Windows to Catch the Sea Breeze

Geoff Goodfellow has been a ‘people’s poet’ for thirty years. The qualifications he brings to the role seem simple enough, if a little generic: a rugged working class upbringing; a simple style and language that anyone can understand and relate to; time spent working with, and reading to, workers, prisoners, the unemployed.

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Swimming with Sharks

Jim, ex CBC boy and long-term Semaphore resident, reminisces about his old mate, poet, Francis Webb, 1925 – 1973.   Frankly i didn’t know if he was telling the truth or simply weaving a web laced with lies & deceit …

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Ali Alizadeh Reviews Geoff Goodfellow

The concept of working-class poetry may seem like an oxymoron to the uninitiated. Isn't poetry, after all, as Harold Bloom would have it, “the crown of imaginative literature”; an elitist, royalist member of the family of letters, on par with other 'high art' and upper-class forms and genres such as Classical music, opera and ballet?

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Paul Mitchell Reviews Geoff Goodfellow

A mate of mine said there's nothing more artful than seeing a bloke deliver a left hook. I debated the point. I thought the artfulness went out of the punch when it connected with someone's jaw in a pub brawl and sent teeth spraying around the bar. He agreed: the artfulness was in the action of the punch through the air.

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