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Nick Whittock: Watching the Grass Grow

When it is cricket that is the matter, all forces return to the ball at the limits of the universe. The grass is still growing. It is photosynthesising, there is a flow of moisture involved here among other things (sunlight, carbon dioxide…)

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Q&A with Simon Katich

Somewhere amongst Simon Katich's pads and boxes there's a long poem that the top NSW bat and vice-captain wrote on the 2001 Ashes Tour of England. But the poem's contents, like the ancient mariner's albatross, remain a mystery. “It can't …

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Christine Davey: Old Men Forget

Flashback to December, 1984. The cricket is in majestic swing. It's the time of year when pop songs are blown off the dial by commentary disputes involving field placings, team selections and bowling changes.

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Paul Mitchell: The War On Cricket

It's now becoming obvious why the Bush administration for most of 2002 delayed military action against Iraq. George W. Bush's cricket loving good friend, John Howard, convinced the American president to hold off and watch the Australian cricket team provide a crucial military blue-print, crushing an undermanned and injured opposition …

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