Nick Whittock

Nick Whittock’s 2nd book hows its (inken publisch) will be ready for the summer. In 2012 he had a chapbook published in the Vagabond Rare Objects series. It has a picture of a cricket bat on the front cover. His first book's cover was a reproduction of a photograph of cricketers lying on the ground.

James Faulkner’s Disintegraton Machine

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WATSONIA CC 1st XI 2063/64 premiership team

1. in watsonia perceptions in the aggregate of bodies 2. in watsonia numbers occur in ordinary sentences 3. in watsonia theres no setting up of a kind of logical inventory formerly imagined 4. in watsonia a dream acquires in the …

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Review Short: Damian Balassone’s Daniel Yammacoona

Daniel YammacoonaThe first three poems in Damian Balassone’s Daniel Yammacoona are about women who have been left by men. In each case the man appears to be the hero of the story, yet the woman is not necessarily unheroic; in at least two of the poems the heroism is one of steadfastness.

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india v aus 11-12 1st test day 4

unison umps stretch fins kind of game children play zaheer sucking pattos bat attention wanders returns finds sehwag on the ground dont worry nothins happened zap! trigger fin! beckons the rammer! expand outwards from a point amass a chronicle a …

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We Ricky Ponting Concede

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Dromes 1 & 2

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top knot (?) bike trajectory wires cut the blue filed somere bunched up others ride wide aberrant onescarse collisions every 30 secs the electricity fizzes m ear m dances the slowest era under the sun bump sunny concrete cracks thoracic …

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Warne Malley: the marketing of blonde tips

WARNE MALLEY materialised on the plains surrounding Toldeo during the summer of 2005. Bowling handy legspin and speaking only a unique dialect of the Spanish language he moved quickly south. He currently captains the first grade side for a small club on the coast. He clearly has no sister.

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Nick Whittock lives in an ideal world where cricket reigns supreme.

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Nick is the world's foremost cricket speculator. His first book 'covers' is out very soon through COD, an imprint of Cordite Poetry Review. Nick is also providing Cordite with a blog commentary on this summer's test matches.

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Justin Langer

nick whittock lives in a perfect world where cricket prevails.

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