Justin Langer

By | 23 August 2004

to the three trees which stood at
stood trees covered drive stood at the
entrance to a covered langer looks the
drought in the eyes three trees at the

entrance to a covered drive
langer looks        the drought
drives drives to the desert in the
has a       no

nolan had the drought langer drives
to dimboola langer has has had at
3rd slip langer has no land langer has

has a laconic stance lehmann face
nolan has no langer
justin land is a landscape lehmann
face       landscape

the desert has sheds
lehmann face
the desert has sheds

dressing time sheds away
langer enoys a dance in the dressing sheds
for time stepping away forward stepping boof boof
before stepping away before his country boof

before stepping up to bat for
before his justin
country justin langer enjoys a dance
before stepping up to bat

before three trees before a country entrance
for his country
three proust trees
at the entrance to a covered drive

lehmann steps away langer enjoys stepping
up to dance for his country drives
bats stumps
drives into dimboola drives stumps

into time three entrance to the
little desert three entrance stumps
little justin laconic entrance to proust
with a laconic paddle brings up

boof steps about before time before country
brings up with a laconic paddle for his country boof
partnership boof brings up steps away has a laconic paddle shot

it is all about the partnerships katich knows justin
it is
not shot

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