By | 24 September 2002

i wanna be robbie williams
i so almost am i wa
nna fold in dimensions hit
herto unheard of i wanna
be a cephalopoid superb c
reature with a thick thick sp
ine a bone that interrupts ca
uses blockages to launch
sheer speed substitute it for
flexibility and calls for com
munication michael bevan
has the ability to transmit
his body across old trafford
without being seen chinese
warrior i would like to fly in t
he face of finitude barely
scraping at the rooftops
expansive view of a
fragment of a second and
feel the tension in my
spikes that clark must
feel es tut mir leid s
                steve w
on a pilgrimage to gandara
with his bat tucked behind
his ear it makes me sad he
has to be superman and its
no longer ideal i want to le
arn to bowl legspin and fold the air

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