Sonny Rollins

By | 10 April 2003

roll on heavy roller
roll on slowly. on
roll by. i have this
knowledge. how
the pitch will play.
i know it exactly.
with my knowledge
i know the blade of
my bat knows it
how insignificant
the rolling is. is it is
known. all
variations. pitch
variations oval the
other variations to
doing with the pitch
all known. as some
jazz guy sonny
rollins i think it was
known. some guy
knows it some jazz
sonny a knows and
it. i know my bat it
grass over grass
blades imparting
all force imparting
timing. all blades
imparting it. and it
i know timing too
is dispersed the
whole field is mar
to imparting
timing to the ball
marto to the fence
all the pitch will
play. the ball to
fence rolling. like
some rolling jazz
guy sonny i think
it was known. it
was so i believe
it to be so. it was
marto be a slow
cool boundary

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