By | 23 August 2004

(mario cipollini)

cipo he is fast
he calls himself the fastest man on the planet, once got a speeding
for riding too fast on his bike and challenged a racehorse to a race
always puts on a show
for the tifosi

he's not so good in the
tours & always retires once they hit the mountains
sprinters do that though he's just so funny
love having him along

in italian his name
very nearly means
something like
small onions
cipo has a way cool name.

he gets fined heaps and heaps for not wearing
the legal uniforms drives race organisers mad
my favourite story is of him pulling out of a race saying he was sick
when it
turned out he'd gone off to judge a

beauty contest
here's a link
to a picture
of him

il re leone
I looove him
he makes me laugh and laugh
he says really cool things like he's the most famous man in
Rome after

the Pope. In a race around Vatican city
he wore a special white cycling number
in honour of
the Pope he
worked out

how many calories he burns while having sex
pure comedy
i don't think the racehorse thing
ever happened. that's the thing – he's all
talk (riding on grass would be tough)

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