By | 23 August 2004


a sally,
out of hand, is giving cupboard

to great aunts,
are likening boys, at scrimmage,

to brocaded hemlines.
And later on,

dressing up is chipping in, for visits
to quiet places.


how, to overhear, is to seeing
is to waking, early on

is to raising, a cloth
in ransom

residing, is remaining
to pedal far, ahead, of shouts


to such, a one, unremarked, by misstep
or violet

pretending, these clothespin soldiers
marching in place,

seated in relation to north, can precede
in common,

what is now, and what is giving way
are hidden, coming

to an end
or still unuttered, and again. A voice

seeing to morning,
is hiding grahams into umbrellas,

is hiding sneakers, into manners,
and knowing, is someone, eye to eye

were otherwise unthought of


a lawn, remote, in dither, bottoms
and ever varying

in picture, in summer, upon water and on clouds
to pedal far, ahead, of shouts

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