In the Great Court

By | 23 August 2004

I think I died last weekend but my body is in denial.
Two nights of drinking by myself didn't help either
And I can't listen to Frank Sinatra right now
And I'm wondering if she's wondering who I'm with right now
That I'm sleeping in another woman's house
Fuck it.
I'll kill the best parts of myself
Light another cigarette
Think about hitting the heavy bags in less than two hours
Maybe go to a shooting range on the weekend
50 dollars should get me 25 rounds for a .45 Colt
and 25 round for a .44 Magnum
tear my shoulder muscles in weights training and feed off the rage
today I'll rack up a hundred kilometres on roads that cannot be trusted
it's no big deal. You get used to the fatigue
and the darkness in the rear view mirror becomes your friend
because the number of people you trust dwindles by the day
yesterday's kindness will be forgotten in today's kiss
fuck it.
you know men who are loyal to nothing except their dicks
and they're doing well
and you think- where the fuck has being a good man gotten you?
Fuck it.
Make sure your hustle has got muscle
Punch this day in the guts and make it bleed.

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