the period of doubt

14 December 2009
the period of doubt
was his favourite.
Now we seem gathered in a line
or was he hooked at the end of one?
The comma of faith
followed by a lazy ten Hail Marys
And silence at the gate
where all silences meet and stare at iron
filings withering
through lack of strong direction provided
doubt that sits upon us all from time to time
hungry for comfort food and generic love
prompting our best foxhole faith
forswearing this forswearing that just please dear God- a point of fact
overlooked in the annals of Limbo.
in the annals of our point of departure. prompting our best foxhole faith.
In limbo gated
	The shore illuminated
	Tear washed he rocked her

	pointedly no doubt
virginal misconception
	still trickster thieves
eating bibles with Champagne
if there are no faithless in foxholes then the gods want war
but doubt eats even the gods


their pointless rantings unpunctuated indecipherable
	no rosetta stone tablet mined to undermine
	the doubt lying stone cold and foxholed
where feeling ran highest.
As dawn's wrath emerged
	epitaths screamed their passing
	gods forsaking doubt.
this is relativism
this is adaptation. this is a schedule of tides
	this period. scarcely, this period. in the psychopomp

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