They all agreed. A kite was he

By | 14 December 2009

They all agreed. A kite was he
-lter-skelter, was hedonistic, a blunderbuss, thats what you need, they all agreed.
Northern summer light
air, cliffs, common yearning, and a piece of string to hold onto
When all else fails. a file; some nails; a nail-file; a turnstile; a man. For all seasons.
Really? A kite was flying above the beach on Gaza
A guest of a few days
knew about dowelling and brown paper
knew about the secret life of string
and labyrinths
that theory of multiple dimensions
the right time and place to let go of the thread
did string theory put to test for brains connected
each brain in flight in this vast ever expanding spacetime
Moving out beyond the border guards of the night time theme parks.
Nestling our heads in the armpits of cacti, we
hold the heartbeat of the gila monster, know we could murder over the border
for raw tequila and a Mexican named Sheena
if over the border they hadn’t murdered her first, on their way to our markets
and their fortunes
where they would fondle our caricatures like blank slates in the evening heavy
And when the vision ended, when he stopped flying, his stillness held virtue and menace,
both afraid of which would rule the sand-lit sky
icypole sticks and clag and parts of a cardboard box
a soggy spine
there was no sticky tape left
there’s one for the Kite Orphanage, I said
placing green feathers, plus some milk money in my handbag

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